The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has brought our lives to a standstill. It has fractured our lives, broken the economy and altered our world beyond repair. The world we knew before, without masks, without constant talk about sanitisers, immunity boosters and vaccines, seems like another era. Now, we fear touch; we are warned not to go out; we are scared to meet family and friends.

Everyone prayed and hoped against hope that this year will be better, but come 2021, the situation looks bleaker than before.

When the pandemic started last year, IT and business firms all over the world geared up and offered Work From Home (WFH) to ensure the safety of their employees. To a large extent, this was an exceptional move and showed how much organizations value their employees.

As the work from home stretched to weeks, weeks turned to months, and months turned into a year, people started to feel the pressure.


Slowly, the initial excitement of work from home began to fade and Covid-19 WFH challenges began to arise. People started to get cranky after being cooped up in the house all day. The home and work life which had distinct segregation before began to crossover in an alarming way. Work took over the home life and employees felt they were working all day.

An Insight into The Panel Station

Today, we are laying bare on how Covid-19 has affected The Panel Station and how we are dealing with fear, uncertainty and anxiety.

Last year, WFH was an exciting affair at TPS. Our colleagues and superiors worked together and supported each other so that ultimately, we support our panellists. At the beginning of 2021, we were preparing to return to the office and meet our peers after months. We started to feel hopeful again; maybe we can dream of the previous life, but the second wave struck us. Covid hit us close to home. The virus attacked some of us, our family members. We fought, suffered and lost, and the pain of the loss is too hard to bear.

Covid-19 Pandemic

The mental anxiety/ stress coupled with the fear of contracting Covid-19 or seeing someone from one’s close circle contract the virus has overwhelmed many of us. Organizations at their very core are nothing but innovative employees bound by strong principles. Fortunately, our firm is a constant source of strength for us, supporting us all the way through these treacherous times, but we do need your support also to help us tide this wave.

We appeal to you to understand that delays/issues in some areas of TPS could be due to impacted employees and/or vendor networks. While our employees and vendor partners take some time off to look after their families, we request you to have patience and support us in these challenging times. Please keep your trust in us, even when there are delays.

The world is neck-deep in uncertain waters and must depend on each other for help to over Covid-19 together. In conclusion, we leave you with these lines “Be open to a few adjustments. Let this moment in history be known for coming together of enterprises and consumers’

Avail the maximum benefit of our latest “Instant Redemption’ initiative

 As you might be aware, we have introduced ‘Points in Review’ to reward honest and genuine responses. (if it’s not in your country, don’t worry, we will introduce it soon)

Allow us to elaborate: Whenever a panellist completes a survey, the points awarded for the survey are held in ‘Points in Review’ (A new tab in the dashboard) until we verify the quality of the survey responses. Upon review, if the survey quality is deemed acceptable, the points held in this new tab will move to ‘Points Available’. The points will now be available for redemption, provided you have reached the redemption threshold.

On the contrary, if the survey quality does not meet the accepted standards, the points held in ‘Points in Review’ will move to ‘Points Rejected’ and will not be available for redemption. The duration of points to be reviewed could take anywhere between 3 to 6 weeks.

We have instant redemption available (if it’s not in your country, don’t worry, we will introduce it soon). So, you can redeem instantly as soon as points become available for redemption. Our ‘No Wait-No Late’ incentives platform is at your service when you reach the redemption threshold. Use it to unwrap the gift code instantly, with several popular choices.

You must have realized that all it takes to redeem instantly is being honest and answering the surveys. So, we request you to use this opportunity while you are staying safe at home. Answer the surveys like you answering a fun test and sit back and wait for the points to reach you so that you can redeem instantly. There is literally nothing needed other than paying attention and being honest.

To understand the TPS survey process better, check our Process Flow Article. If you haven’t registered yet, do it NOW and start earning.

Lastly, cut us some slack, stay home, stay safe, and keep surveying!

A writer always lost in the world of books and words; you can often find Rakshitha musing over the meaning of a movie or a song. She is a firm believer of karma, an ardent lover of chai and a dreamer of travelling. Buying her a book/sending her an indie playlist will make you forever etched in her memory.


          • Leyla yıldırım

            Güzel ve etkileyici makale teşekkür ederim

          • Евгений

            Действительно хорошая статья.
            Я с вами.
            Главное не опускать руки и вместе мы прорвёмся.
            Вместе мы выйдем в другой, новый мир, поддерживая друг друга мы станем крепкими и сильными.
            Всем здоровья и удачи


            assalamualaikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh,..
            always wash your hands with running water with soap, especially after waking up from sleep,
            in syaaAllah, can reduce the virus vorona
            thank you

        • Lissette padilla Reply

          Durante la pandemia jamás nos contagiamos y nuestros familiares si . Cuando ordenaron que las mascarillas no eran necesarias nosotros no la dejamos de usar pero en el colegio de mis hijos si y todo los protocolos anti covid se vinieron abajo 😢 en todas partes, trabajo y transporte , ferias libre y por esto y a pesar de siempre andar con mascarilla y alcohol gel , nos dio covid y fue lo más terrible que pude sentir el frío caladora de huesos , o la fiebre que no bajaba con nada y los dolores de cabeza que no te dejaban con ningún remedio . Fue lo peor , pero gracias a que soy mamá de medicinas herbales le daba a mis hijos gengibre , cúrcuma , laurel y clavos de olor en té con un poco de limón y miel para subir sus defensas y a ellos no les pasó nada . Y no son bebés así que podían tomar hierbas medicinales. Pero creo que aún deberían seguir con las precauciones para no enfermarnos .

      • Very enlightening, Panel station, thanks for sharing. This will help us do better in our surveys.

        • Elvan Çelik Reply

          Çok güzel bir makale teşekkürler The panel station bizlerin yanında olduğun için

      • Desde já gratidão á todos direto ou indireta gostei dos artigos.

      • Dina Sruni Wati Reply

        Thank you Panel Station for being there- very very proud

      • Wilfredo Carpio Reply

        Thank you TPS for your support and guidance to all of us.
        I’m sure everything will be OK on both sides.

    • Ntuthuko khanyile Reply

      We really appreciate the way you do care for us Panel Station , life is really getting tough and we hope for the best as we follow all Covid 19 protocols.

    • Obrigado por está nos momentos difíceis da pandemia da covid-19

      • Gracias a todos los miembros de thepanelstation por su compañía y compromiso con todos nosotros en estos momentos duros

    • I'm Rozeazleen Aziz Reply

      The Corona Virus19 is the important thing to know for all nerizen out site n must be elert how to secure n safe our family be healthy without the pendemik.

    • Claudia Paz Reply

      Gracias por compartir con nosotros la situación en la que se encuentra The Panel Ststion, creo que es lo mejor enterarnos como la gran familia que somos y por eso mis condolencias para todos aquellos que han perdido a un amigo o ser querido debido a este horrible virus.Unidos y solo unidos podremos salir adelante y recuerden si ustedes de cuidan ,nos cuidan a nosotros gracias y un fuerte abrazo para todos

    • Abdul Hassim Reply

      Stay safe TPS the whole gang of us are with you, we will beat the virus.

  1. Really appreciate and thankful for your concern. Definitely, we have to fight this pandemic together only then we can beat it and come out of this difficult time. TPS is part of my daily life whether it is related to survey or other things so it concern me as well if TPS is also getting impacted. I hope and I wish, we all will be able to live normal life soon.


      • Отличная статья.Я вас поддерживаю и желаю благополучия и успехов.

      • Good day!!! To all..I am very much thankful and appreciated for being a member of this station.I am willing to accept your survey. Once again thank you and more power to all of you..God Bless us all.

  2. I am indeed very impressed by your humbleness. Thank you Panel Station for being there- very very proud to be a member of such a wonderfully humane setup

    • Thank you so so much for your concern
      I hope we will get through this .God is with us we will win the battle.

  3. Rajesh Bhadola Reply

    Always think positive, read motivation books ,eat healthy diet, don’t watch TV news . Stay at home with your family .

  4. Yes!! It is our fight against corona which we will absolutely win at any cost.lets make it easier lets make it healthier.

    • Shulammite Reply

      The No wait No late platform was a nice idea from panel station, the pandemic really affected alot of homes and businesses worldwide, I even have to share my food stuff with others just to help them cope.

    • Ирина Reply

      Большое спасибо команде! Берегите себя и своих близких.

    • Артём Reply

      Откровенное послание. Желаю вам терпения, здоровья и удачи.

  5. I read your content everything fine. Today in our hand tomorrow who knows? I pray our God Oh god our children lose their education by simply sitting in home. Pls bring back the situation earlier to 2019

    • It’s really insightful story, let’s hope all shall be well in the near future. The most important thing is to know our living God, who created everything in this earth and believe in Him.

  6. Stay at home you being save your life,because it’s double moulded virus. Follow the proper guideline of govt.rule of covit 19 as social distance, use hand sanitizer and always use muck better quality. Do n’t worry all these unwanted overcome as almighty GOD with us. Stay home save life.

    • Thank you panel station,we will always work from home to avoid covid 19

      • Thank you panel station,we will always work from home to avoid covid 19

    • Belnardo Kachigwada Reply

      Thanks the Whole Team of Panel Station it has been tough in all corners of earth but as they say together we can defeat this pandemic you’re not alone we will fight together until at the end..
      And I appreciate with the points of review program it looks amazing and wonderful too
      Thank you The PS

  7. Do not worry everythings will be fine with every one support will come out from this situation

    • Thank you so much Panel Station team for your hard work and dedication and always being there for us, we appreciate and love you guys so much. Together we can beat this.

      • En este año es el primer artículo que leo lleno de realidad y calidez humana, tienen razón debemos ser pacientes y comprendernos ya que todos somos distintos y tenemos diferentes capacidades de comprensión y sobre todo de reacción así que seamos tolerantes pues cada uno lucha sus propias batallas unamos fuerzas

  8. Covit 19 एक महामारी है इसलिए हमें अपने हाथों को बार बार अच्छी तरह से धोने है और जितनी दूरी हो सके करना है और हमेशा मास्क लगाएं 2 गज दूरी

    • Marzena Bardeli Reply

      Dobrze, że mogliście pracować w domu.Bo niektórych to ominęło i zostali z niczym.Przykre ale prawdziwe 🙈

  9. Agnelo Rodrigues Reply

    How we were moving in the year 2018? Did we ever thought we would were a Mask 1n the year 2020 ? We hide our beautiful faces behind the Mask. Where we will be again find those lovely days and years?
    When we would see the light at the end of the tunnel?

  10. John Jaideep Reply

    I a stay in Bangalore, its almost a month . lockdown is running here. . . i all on the Laptop. . . . i felt nice and good after ur TPS message about Covid-19. . . . As you say . . . TOGETHER ….. WE WILL GET THROUGH THIS … 🙂

  11. Pray to God that the pandemic ends very soon and the world gets back to normal life again, Amen !

    • There is lot of thing to say as I readed your message 😔😍
      I pray to God all the bad situation will Change soon 🙏🏻

  12. We pray almighty God for everyone’s safety and health, our heartfelt condolences to the people and family, who suffers from the pain. We have to be courageous and strong to fight with this pandemic. We have to follow all safety measures and come out from this. Let’s vaccinated on-time use masks regularly avoid social gathering. Let us safe now and always.
    We thanks Panel board for their support and instant reward redeemption policy.

  13. Vijaydeep Pawar Reply

    Well said!!!!
    The pandemic has been a key factor in bringing about the loss of jobs of a lot of people. It was sadly an unforeseeable circumstance nobody could’ve expected. Each and every person understood the worth and value of every penny in these dire times. Empathy and understanding are the times of need for any person out there. People are in need of various supplies and other financial needs and we hope the governments are doing their best to ensure that their needs are met. Jobs have been scarce and people caring about each other more is the need of the hour. It seems undeniable that paid surveys like TPS are here to stay and are only a growing market. Understanding your needs and wants has never been more important to organizations than this year and they will only want to know more and more to service their customers and clients better.
    When TPS survey ask you questions in their questionnaires and surveys, what they’re really doing is reshaping the future. Depending on your answers and opinions, they make decisions. While it may not seem of much importance to fill out surveys, the ground reality is that your opinions (YES! What you say matters!) are beneficial for companies in updating their various products and services. So take life by the scruff of the neck and earn money and rewards for the valuable opinions you give. Go ahead and be the Rose of surveys and survive the Titanic.

  14. SYED AHMED Reply


  15. Kathleen Woods Reply

    Thank you for being transparent regarding how you feel. This past year has been really tough on everyone. I actually got sick two months before we all knew about COVID-19. I had Chronic Bronchitis right after Christmas 2019. I ended up getting it 3times continually back to back. I was hospitalized in March when they thought I had COVID. I remember the feeling I had going in the hospital and all I prayed for was to be able to come back home. ( many people did not). It turned out that I didn’t have Covid but couldn’t leave until I was stable. A year later when there was a vaccine for us to take, I was so ready, this was a great opportunity for us to just be able to feel safe while going about our day to day. I’m so looking forward to seeing my family this summer. To hug my parents and Mother in Law. I really miss them. I’m praying for everyone to be able to feel relaxed when going about our day. I still have my mask. Because some places have that restriction, but being fully vaccinated makes me feel more relaxed when outside.

  16. It saddens my heart with the covid19, as I have lost alot of loved ones to it. The pain and the heart ache will never go away, I hope and pray to everyone around the world to be safe and take care of each other. Also thank you to the Panel Station for all that you have done to keep us occupied as we stay home.

  17. I have not been affected vey much, we are retired so we stay home a lot, anyway, my concern was the front line workers and any people with health conditions, very fearful for them. The only disadvantage we had was not being able to travel interstate in our Campervan, we did a fair bit of DIY, so it was to our advantage. Our son was very ill, in the last half of 2020 and most of this year as well, so we couldn’t really leave him, still needs our help a fair bit, so our next big trip has been put off until next year, about June, to take advantage of the weather up north, we are going to book a 9 day Tour of the Kimberley, most is 4WD, which we are not set up for, so we have a great trip to look forward to, if all goes well. My main concern is the new variant strains that are coming out of South Africa, UK and India, I just hope it doesn’t start all over again, but a lot worse, I hope everyone that can, be vaccinated, as you have to think of the future and how long we have to live with this Pandemic.

    • this pandemic has really affected me from losing my source of income,nowadays I even go to bed hungry because the little I get I have to give my 2year old child,Mary from Kenya Africa I just need help

  18. Romanus Dondieo Reply

    The lord is in total control, we will survive this too.
    thanks for the info


    This Covid 19 affected everyone, young and old. I sympathise with those persons that lost someone to this Pandemic and would like to thank all those people who made it their aim to protect other people. As always, God will get us out of this too.

  20. We lost our beloved ones
    Our country is thriving
    The only way to get rid of it is get vaccinated quickly as possible and maintain social distancing.
    Together we can overcome
    We Will overcome this 💯

  21. Elvince Ochieng Reply

    Thnks TPS for the constant reminders,,,,,Despite the challenges Information makes us Strong and gives us hope that we shall overcome it.

  22. Bonny Dearham Reply

    Thank you for this very enlightening read… My heart goes out to all that covid has affected.
    I have seen viral footage, from a hospital in India, I was so saddened and appalled.
    My hope is that even though we have suffered lose during this epidemic, that we may move forward and that the vaccine works!!
    Jahan Chah Wahan Raha
    Where there is a will there is a way 🤗

  23. Thanks TPS for being there through the toughest period. Looking forward to the future with you!

  24. Wow this is totally on point. So humble. Straight from the heart. I was really touched by this honest n real message. .I totally understand. ..cant think there could be 1 person who wouldn’t understand
    All the best TPS thank you for everything.

  25. tarek elagamy Reply

    Thank you in advance RAKSHITHA for this sweet article that full of love, care, kindness and hope.
    all of us has been changed, our life, our behaviour, our mentality , even our thinking, what we are facing is terrible and very dangerous time for all of us, this cursed covid-19 killed almost of our beloved once and separated the rest of them, we all pray also to god to help and save the people of the world from infection , especially in our beloved india.
    god bless you all with safety and secure healthy life

  26. Ntombifuthi Reply

    This pandemic affecte every one adults loos job learner’s are not going to school kids they can’t freely play rich and poor are also affected

  27. Covid 19 has affected everyone negatively in terms of our day to day activities, businesses, work, health and generally livelihood. But in my opinion people should learn on how to live with the virus now and take the necessary precautions on trying to cope with the side effects of infected. But all in all we shall overcome.

    • โควิดมัเป็นความลำบากมากสำหรับฉัน

      • ONU PETER N. Reply

        Thank you TPS. You are driven so much by passion and it has made me love you so much

  28. Aimanosi Abu Reply

    Thank you for the info and update. My confidence in the system has never wane

  29. Elena Pushkova Reply

    Очень нужная и актуальная статья.

  30. mohammed safwat Reply

    Thank you Panel Station for being there and helping us to understand why covid-19 is dangerous and all of us must take care from virus and be awareness to avoid it and how it affect on our world

  31. kamel sarhan Reply

    Dangers must be avoided and prevented from this virus, and full adherence to international resolutions to address this pandemic

  32. F. O. Adebayo Reply

    Surely, there is ease after hardship…….; so says the Holy Quran. I pray the ease comes sooner than later.

  33. محمد كمال Reply

    إن شاء الله ، ستكون السنة التالية أفضل

  34. Valentina Brown Reply

    I have been affected by Covid-19 in that I was supposed to travel out of the Country for a job appointment but I couldn’t make it.

    • There is always light at the end of the tunnel. Have trust in the Lord. Nothing is permanent.

      Thank you TPS for such a wonderful idea!

  35. Владимир Моисеев Reply

    СПАСИБО! Всем отличного ЗДОРОВЬЯ!!!

  36. ooh wow insightful article, we really dont know how long this pandemic will stay with us but thank you to all those who made it their responsibility to protect others. Big up to the front-line workers and thank you Panel station

  37. Thank you TPS for having me as your panelist and I’m proud to say I’ve received my reward twice already and I’m still going strong. I bought food for my family at Shoprite and as an unemployed single mother it helped me a lot… Continue the good work.

  38. Abolaji Olatunji Reply

    I have not been finding it fun participating in your survey anymore. For the past weeks I have been technically shot out from participating in your survey with series of error responses I get whenever I attempted the survey. I have complained on all available TPS channels but no response, resolution and no hope of resolution in sight. I am just helpless.

  39. Peter Namasake Reply

    I thank God for what he has done so far. looking at the situation in India, you can only but sympathize. What would have happened if the same could be happening in Africa?

  40. Thanks so much.Its wonderful to be part of you.Keep it up. Reply

    Panel station is doing a great job.Keep it up.

  41. Bello Misbahu Reply

    The covid -19 pandemic affected everyone globally and I sympathise with those who lost someone and I urge everyone to still take precautionary measures as the pandemic is still much around we should all still follow the safety measures like putting our face mask, washing our hands and others and lastly dnt shy or run away from the vaccine. Best Regards

  42. Krzysztof Kusaj Reply

    Jest światło w tunelu. Myślę , że złapaliśmy Covid 19 za rogi.

  43. David wasef Reply

    Nice and thanks panel station go head we are with you.👌👌

    • محمد حسن Reply

      شكرا لكم على العطاء ، و نتمنى أن تكون السنة المقبلة أفضل و نحن يدا بيد نحو الأمام .

  44. إن شاء الله هذه الازمه تزول ويرجع الامان والسلام للعالم كله وتتخلص من هذا الوباء


  46. Es un periodo de reaprendizaje, esperemos que la humanidad este atenta al mensaje de la pandemia y logremos cambiar la actitud frente al verdadero sentido de vivir.

  47. Arturo Martinez MOLINA Reply

    Realmente, me gusto el articulo, yo fui victima de la enfermedad, afortunadamente sali bien librado es esta, los estragos de la enfermedad han sido muy variados, mi vida a partir de esta ya no es igual, cuerpo debilitado, poco sueño, sin hambre, de hecho consumo alimentos por que lo tengo que hacer, pero en realidad no me da hambre, perdida del empleo, y lo mas doloroso la perdida de mi familia, la cual me abandono, no se si por miedo, por ignorancia…. pero esta maldita pandemia nos cambio la vida a muchos.

  48. LIzett Cantu Reply

    Queridos panelistas un fuerte abrazo, gracias por pensar en las personas en la pandemia y lo difícil que ha sido, gracias por fortalecer, unirnos y tratar de que todo mejore.
    Que Dios los cuide a todos.

  49. Nirmala Shahani Reply

    It’s a brillant program and specially during this pandemic situation it helps me. Drop by drop makes an ocean.
    Thank you for sending me the surveys to help me meet some of my payments.

  50. Sergio Arruda Reply

    Estou na linha de frente de combate, e, sei bem o que é isto. Que Deus continue fortalecendo cada dia mais. Logo logo, isto passa

  51. Aprecio a maneira como a Panel Station da valor as nossas vidas, pois está realmente ficando muito difícil. Sigam todos os protocolos da Covid 19 e fiquem bem!!

  52. Heloisa Oliveira Reply

    Estou feliz em conhecer vcs! Essa equipe é maravilhosa!

  53. Theresa Vika Reply

    Thank you very much for taking us into your confidence and being open about challenges you face. Open communication shows that you respect us as panelists. Wishing the entire team all of the best on facing these treacherous times.

  54. Thanks. It is hard for everyone. We are all trying to do our best!

  55. Nora Figueroa Reply

    Gracias por mostrarse tan coordiales y atentos hacia los que conforman su equipo ,soy nueva en el panel pero espero poder alcanzar sus expectativas. Son tiempos difíciles pero ya parará esta tormenta.

  56. Like my PM said “BE KIND” Jacinda Ardern Prime Minister of New Zealand

  57. Jeleel Adebisi Reply

    It’s so sad that COVID 19 came at all. A lot have been lost to it in terms of Jobs, businesses, family break-ups, cash money and most importantly lives. I pray for a quick discovery of drugs and/or vaccines that will be potently effective to quickly eradicate the pandemic so that lives will gradually return to the pre-pandemic era.

  58. Buen mensaje muy alentador para estos tiempos tan dificiles, Solo un comentario deberian a poner en canje los incentivos de PAY PAL ya que en estos momentos son un gran apoyo para estos momentos que estamos viviendo en el que cualquier $$$$ son de gran ayuda Gracias y felicidades Amigoe de PANEL STATION

  59. Jury T. Carcedo Reply

    i really like the way you update to me to us about this pandemic. i highly appreacite it… thank you so much

  60. Always have faith in the Lord. Nothing is permanent.

    Thank you Panel Station for the “bright” idea regarding surveys.

  61. Frasista Sari Reply

    Good and Important article
    I hope this survey always maked used happiness 🥰🥰

  62. Jeanne Angela Reply

    Semoga Tuhan melimpahkan berkat kesehatan bagi kita semua.

    • sayedslama Reply

      الحمدلله علي كل حال نتمني السلامه للعالم اجمع

  63. terima kasih atas semua infonya
    kami bisa memaklumi keadaan dan kecemasan yang dialami setiap insan dalam menanggapi masa pandemi. semoga rekan-rekan di TPS dan para panelis dari seluruh belahan dunia selalu dalam keadaan tenang tetap bisa konsentrasi dan menjalani hidup dan masa depan dengan tetap bersemangat.

  64. حقًا نقدر وشكرًا لاهتمامك. بالتأكيد ، علينا محاربة هذا الوباء معًا فقط عندها فقط يمكننا التغلب عليه والخروج من هذا الوقت الصعب. تعد TPS جزءًا من حياتي اليومية سواء كانت مرتبطة بالمسح أو أشياء أخرى ، لذا فهي تقلقني أيضًا إذا تأثرت TPS أيضًا. أتمنى وأتمنى أن نتمكن جميعًا من عيش حياة طبيعية قريبًا.

  65. We will surely get over this trying times with time and perseverance

    • Subhrajit MONDAL Reply

      A very interesting piece. let’s go green and make this holiday Eco friendly. This is a season of love, I’ll definitely go for the Eco friendly Christmas tree. Happy sustainable holiday to all the lovers of planet earth and to everyone on this platform❤️!!!

  66. Güzel bir makale.Yanımızda olduğunuz için teşekkürler.

  67. Frank van Antwerp Reply

    Panel station you are the best ,thank you for your view on the virus , I just seem to find that there are too many people just relaxed about this problem .,if we all stand together we can beat this virus . But here is hoping that all the readers and survey partakers stay safe and hoping that all goes well and stay safe

  68. Jong Carbonell, Jr. Reply

    We will overcome this pandemic, am sure. As long as we will work together as one, no matter what your country is, as long as we helping each other. May God bless us all.

  69. شكراً جزيلاً
    مع تمنياتنا بالتوفيق لنا ولكم

  70. Yes really its a very tough time mankind facing only the thing is to do wear the mask keep in distance rush place

  71. Terima kasih Tuhan, sudah menyatukan kami, walaupun kami dengan keberadaan berbeda suku bangsa dan berbeda kepercayaan/agama serta berbeda benua.

  72. Rahul Bhandari Reply

    Nice article.we were fighting so hard with the pandemic for past two years and now we can live life in post covid era.hope we have a happy life.

  73. Adedoyin Foluke Ayodele Reply

    Thanks, Thepanelstation for this information.

  74. Emmanuel Emezue Reply

    Despite the buzz around Covid 19, I haven’t seen or heard anyone in my environment test positive for Covid. Sometimes, it makes me wonder if Covid is real!

  75. Mohamed bakr Reply

    كورونا من الامراض التي دمرت اقتصاد العالم وسببت كوارث عالمية تعدت الصين الى جميع دول العالم ويجب محاربتها قبل ان تدمر الاقتصاد العالمي اكثر واكثر

  76. Adeniran Albert Oluwafemi Reply

    Even though Covid 19 had bought a means of stagnation to life across the globe . Panel Station brought life back into lot of homes.

  77. This platform helps me get more time, more action and more meaning in my life.

  78. Asoro esosa Reply

    Thank you for being transparent about the citizens of this country

  79. The steps are:
    Get a COVID-19 vaccine.
    Wash your hands often with plain soap and water.
    Cover your mouth and nose with a mask when around others.
    Avoid crowds and practice social distancing (stay at least 6 feet apart from others).


    The steps are:
    Get a COVID-19 vaccine.
    Wash your hands often with plain soap and water.
    Cover your mouth and nose with a mask when around others.
    Avoid crowds and practice social distancing (stay at least 6 feet apart from others).

  81. I expect that we have gone through difficult times during the Corona period, and I am sorry for those who lost a loved one. A more than wonderful article. Take care of your health❤️

    • Very inspiring and helpful article, thanks panel station for this information

  82. I am sorry for those who lost a loved one. A more than wonderful article. Take care of your health❤️

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