Rakshitha Rai


Humans thrive on the ever-occurring changes in society. We enjoy those changes and always look for other ways to remodel something that already exists. This is what makes humans unique. Similarly, for a business to succeed, it must constantly evolve. It should also produce something new and innovative occasionally. Some evolutions went as far as changing an industry forever. These generally go by the name ‘disruptive brands’. This blog will list some of the famous disruptive brands that changed their business sector forever. 1. Apple: Apple has a reputation for bringing new and unprecedented challenges for its competitors. It has managed to stay atop of all mobile brands since it started rolling out iPhones. They successfully combined telecommunications, entertainment, and other productivity functions in the same device in 2007. This made many of their products, like the iPod, redundant. It brought a new product that changed the course of the…