Happy Fathers Day!

Almost half the year is gone by, and the bleakness which has engulfed us doesn’t seem to fade away. Humans, frankly, aren’t having a good year. Period! Australian bushfire, Airplane crashes, Indonesian floods, Locusts swarms, social unrest in various parts of the world, due to racism, communal riots, and killings. To say this year is depressing is an understatement.

Added to this, the COVID-19 Pandemic has literally kept us locked in, and in fear. With quarantine birthdays, masked weddings, virtual travelling, and nil social life, people are desperately praying that things bounce back to normal.

You might be wondering why I am talking about all the horrible things. Well, to remind us how unpredictable and fragile life is. Fate or destiny or God’s plan or man’s karma whatever you want to call it has unexpected twists and turns. One can never know, what can happen tomorrow, all one can do is live in the moment, love unconditionally, and be grateful for being alive.

This fathers day, thank your dad. Understand your dad. Love your dad. Be grateful for everything he has done and respect him. Take a moment to wish your father. It’s his day after all. If anything this year has taught us, is the importance of family.

Father’s love is unflamboyant and often mistaken as less than that of a mother. But it’s not true! In our world, up until recently, an unwritten rule was, men shouldn’t show as much affection and vulnerability as their female counterparts. Probably, this ingrained belief led most fathers to put on a strict demeanour and act less emotional.

However, a father’s love for his children bears no limit. Ask, a child grown up devoid of father’s love or children who lost their fathers, and one would realize the stark contrast between them and the children raised by a good father.

Every father works hard to provide for his family. They can’t afford to be jobless or take a break, in fear of not being employable again. I have seen, how fathers’ spend all their hard-earned money on their kids—for food, clothing, education, wedding—and these are all just necessary expenditure, I didn’t even start on luxuries or emergency expenditure. They sacrifice their dreams and desires for their family, take up risky jobs, stay away from the family and work abroad in harsh conditions. Anyone can donate sperm and have offsprings, but not everyone can be a good father and raise their children.

But what makes a father good? There are several standards, but I think if a man can support his family, nurture them with care and protection, is kind to his children’s mistakes and flaws, while accepting and loving them for who they are, rather than whom he wants them to be. Then, that man is truly a wonderful father.

In the wake of Covid-19, economies worldwide have taken a hit. People are losing jobs, having pay cuts, businesses are failing. Hurdled together, families no matter how tight might have difficult times and meltdowns. You might be staying with your parents, and you might even get annoyed at them at times. But remember, your father may have had pay cuts or worse layoffs; your father who isn’t used to being at home all the time, might be frustrated or worried due to his business being closed down; your father may be retired and is distressed about what to do at home all the time when he has no work and all the while afraid to go out due to the fear of Corona; your father may be all alone, missing his kids and constantly trying to navigate the digital world, afraid how will he cope.

Remember, it’s not easy for anyone, so be kind, always. Call your parents to check up on them. Spend time with them; talk to them with love, visit them if possible, help them around in household chores. And most importantly, don’t be reckless if you are staying with elders at home. Maintain distance and take all the necessary precautions against the spread of Covid-19.

Concluding we want to say that, take care of yourselves. Stay home and stay safe. If you want to be a good daughter or a good son, now is the time. All your social life can rest. Your craving and fun can be contained. Your weekend plans can be cancelled—video call your friends, text, and call. They will understand. Stay home for your dad. Stay home for your parents’ safety. Stay home for your kids’ safety. Stay home for YOUR safety!

Watch this beautiful video created for all the superhero fathers!

A writer always lost in the world of books and words; you can often find Rakshitha musing over the meaning of a movie or a song. She is a firm believer of karma, an ardent lover of chai and a dreamer of travelling. Buying her a book/sending her an indie playlist will make you forever etched in her memory.


  1. Mercy Nasimiyy Reply

    A father is a daughter’s first love and a son’s hero, a good father is one that nurtures, loves protects and cares for his family

  2. Johanna Ganca Reply

    I feel so sorry for my daughter that his father has been rejecting her even before she was born.

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