Ever been on a solo trip? If you have landed on this blog, you must have thought about it. If not, this blog will surely convince you to plan solo travel to go on a once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

Why do you think that a solo trip is important? It’s simple; it helps you to understand what you can do alone, gives you confidence, inner strength, a lifetime experience, and much more. For those traveler souls, we suggest you travel alone at least once, either on a short trip or a long one and plan budget while exploring the world.

Travel has the power to transform you. You go out exploring the beautiful landscapes or just stroll around town, in the woods, amidst the clouds, enjoying the sea breeze and so many versions of beauty. Not only nature but you will learn about culture, food, people, and so on. And solo travelling just makes everything special.

Now you know how cool it can be to go on a solo trip. The experience in solo travelling may vary, but the list below will save you from the trouble of backpacking. However, it doesn’t differ much whether you are male/female. All you need to figure out are things you might need to survive your solo travel. This solo travel is going to be so much fun with these amazing backpacking tricks.

The Bag You Need:

First thing first, you are going on a solo trip, so you only carry your own luggage. So, dear solo travellers, pick a bag that is enough to have your things and not give you much pain. If the size is big and your belongings are less, what would you do with all the extra space? And if your backpack is small, your things will not fit. So, depending on your need and travel location, select your bag.

Sort Out a Pair of Bottoms:

Now, start with clothes. It now depends on the place you are going to visit. If you are visiting a beach, a pair of shorts is needed. If you are going for a trek or a cold place, you will need more than a pair of shorts. You will need additional track pants or sweatpants to put in your bag. You can always insert some extra depending on the travel plan. And it would help if you always keep an emergency pair.

A Thermos You Must Include:

The steel bottle you carry to work or you see somewhere at home, well, this bottle will give you the relief of cold/hot water storage or a longer time. Hot/ Cold again depends on the need of your travel destination. This is a saviour, and you have got to need it. Be it any weather; a thermos can save the day.

Shoes or Flip Flops:

While travelling solo, prefer comfort over style. Shoes if you go trekking. Yes, it’s mandatory as you might decide that you want to climb the serene mountain in front of you that you want to conquer. Flip flops for the beach and for everywhere and anywhere you go. If you have it in your bag, you can switch to the other option anytime to get some air for your tired and never stopping feet.

All the Cosmetics:

No, we are not talking about a makeup kit. We’re here talk about some necessary items for your skin to protec. What you will need is the following:

  • A good long-lasting Deodorant Spray or Roll on!
  • A facewash, which will keep you fresh during your journey.
  • Any sunscreen lotion with SPF 24-50 SPF level can work really well
  • A sachet of handwash. This will be required for urgent nature calls while camping or travelling.

Girls can include their needs as well if you fit them into space. But you need to make sure the backpack should not get heavy for you.

Electronics – the Saviour:

It’s impossible to imagine a day without a phone. After all, you need to capture your journey through the lens, and your phone will help you to do that. However, charging in the middle of the forest could be challenging if the battery goes red. So, for the trip, you just need some basic gadgets to help you survive solo travelling.

  • Power bank – Now, your phone will never go red. But never forget to charge your power bank before you leave the hotel.
  • Earphones – Better than headsets for the bliss of music during your solo travel. It can easily fit in the bag.

What Else? 

No matter what you put inside your backpack, you should not forget the following items to carry on your solo trip.

  • A watch – In case your phone is dead, and you still need to keep track of time
  • A knifeSafety, emergency, and preparing your camping food, gathering fire fuel and setting up the camp or tent). Yes, this is multi-purpose.
  • Instant food – Some easy-to-cook food like instant noodles, chips, biscuits, dry fruits (for long travel or trek) etc. (Do not carry food which can get spoiled and destroy your bag and the stuffs in it).

Some Medicines:

Make sure you carry your medication if you are undergoing some treatment. Asthma pumps, migraine medications, diabetic tablets, or check-up kits are a few examples. Along with it, pack medicines for upset stomach, indigestion, headache, and fever. Since it is solo travel, these ones are of basic necessity.


Done! You are ready to go travel and explore the beauty of this world. Solo travel is the best form to enjoy it. If you have ever been solo travelling, share your awesome experience and tips with us. Also, if you want earn money while travelling, follow the link to read the entire article on it. We can assure you that you’ll get some awesome ideas for earning some extra bucks. Write your opinion and help your fellow travel lovers to follow their dreams.


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    Nice. These are quite Helpful tips for solo traveling

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    • These are great ideas. You could have made your article better by adding links to your suggestions. I’m interested in the Power Bank. Never heard of it before. It would be great for bike rides.

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      Я путешествую один редко но, как говорится, метко . В основном на лыжах. Беру с собой почти все перечисленное. На горных склонах такая красота-дух захватывает. Но одному немного страшновато- вдруг что случится! Обязательно фотографирую и рассылаю друзьям

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      I love traveling but I have never done a solo traveling so far. Your article makes it tempting but still I am not convinced ☺️. As I prefer traveling with companies. Anyway, thank you for the article.

  5. Senty Mashinini Reply

    Solo travel is the best thing I ever experienced whilst travelling in Uk and Europe. It was my first encounter in the UK and never looked back. I like it that I get to plan my itenerary alone and get to go at my own pace. I enjoy engaging with locals regarding their religion, culture and customs. Travelling in a group will get you nowhere. Travel alone and enjoy

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      Getting a travel insurance is a must though.

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    This information is really important for travelers so you can know what to take along when you are traveling.

  25. This is one of my long time coming goals. And there’s countries that are affordable. But you need to be prepared for anything.
    Getting a travel insurance is a must though.

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    These are generally the same items you would need to pack regardless of whether you were by yourself or in a group. This article seemed forced.

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  48. Mad_the_Mike Reply


    sounds like ….never on a trip in the world before…..!

    Where should i start…..?
    The Backpack must be a outdoorproof backpack…..waterproof..also for deep water, with a rescue light, steelhook, good to take it on for a long time, lockable, fireproof if it possible….military proof.
    What is essentially ….complete first aid metal/ water proof box , classic metal water bottle from the u s army with the soft cover for use it on your belt or everywhere.
    3x sets of long pants/shirts/underwaer,socks,1 pair softshoes, 1 pair leather boots and one you wear, rainsuite..and one extra for building a tent, a 3m rope cotton, knife/claw size is enough, metall waterproof watch with solar battery, nail set, toothbrash/creme, 3 bandanas in red/black/green, sunglasses and one extra, glow in the dark lights, some set to repair damage clothing, fishing hook aso, some small plastikbags, a military standard proof cellphone, solar battery pack, headphones….3x, usb sticks 3, connecting adapter for the cellphone, dogtails 2 sets with your name/bloodtype/soc number, leather kevla gloves 3x…more tips….?

  49. To the list of previously mentioned items needed for a solo trip, I would also add a first aid kit in compact (small) size, a traditional compass (in case you get lost in the wilderness), a paper map (plan) of the area. I would also recommend leaving a general (or detailed) breakdown of planned places and dates of stay with loved ones before such an expedition.
    P.s. Buon voyage!

  50. De los mejores consejos que e leído, y siento que esta información debería llegar a los que empiezan con esta travesía, ya que no todos pudimos tener esta información en nuestros primeros viajes. Definitivamente a futuro lo podre en practica.

  51. The information provided is for sure so much helpfully especially for those who love solo travels.Solo travels are for sure one of the best life experiences since it helps one build their confidence and also view everything special .This article is so helpfully as it is actually usually stressfully in trying to figure out what to consider packing for a solo backpack travel

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