Summer is back in full force! Summer and vacation are inextricably linked, and the parent must be busy on how to channel the energy of their super energized kids!  During this summer break, it’s important to involve the kids in fun summer activities to keep them interested. Kids are the real energy bomb. They are constantly vibrant and bursting with life. So, it becomes difficult for many parents to keep their children occupied during extended breaks, especially when they are at home and not attending school. To let you relieve stress, The Panel Station is here with a few exciting kid’s friendly summer activities for all the parents.

A Family Summer Camp

Summer activities for kids

Are you a picnic lover? How about turning the family picnic to the summer camp! Kids find summer camp really interesting. So, find a suitable place, get the tent with you. Along with tasty food, plan for a few games which are challenging yet fun for your kids. As an example, consider the sports of cricket, volleyball, and so on. Also, water balloons are a summertime favourite for kids; they can have a lot of fun with them. When it comes to summer camp, a swimming pool is essential for keeping your children entertained. You can have fun with water balloons even if you don’t have direct access to a pool.

Plant Tree

Activities in Summer

Planting can be one of the best summer activities for your kids. You can teach them the essence of remaining closer to mother nature. This summer, teach your kids the ill effect of global warming and why planting tree is the only way to fight against pollution. Let them learn about the basics of gardening. Take your kids to a nursery and let them choose their own plants. Kids will learn how to take care of a plant, and you can enjoy their happy faces when the flower blooms.

Host A Movie Night

Summer activities-focused

Movies can be both fascinating and effective storytelling tools. This summer, consider converting your living room into a home theatre. Watch a favourite movie from your children’s movie list with a bucket of popcorn. An animated film can make it more enjoyable. Children enjoy watching animated films. Don’t forget to ask them what the moral of the story is later.

 Go Picnic

Summer activities list

“Daddy, let us plan the picnic!” This sentence must have been repeated several times by our children. We’re sure you’re wondering where to go for a picnic during this scorching summer. So, how about organising a picnic in the park? The location should be relatively cool and have at least a few trees or greeneries. Gather your friends and family, inform them of your plans, and invite them to participate with their children. Don’t worry about the cooking part. It is challenging to cook outside during the summer. Instead, why not make this picnic a little more interesting by having a potluck? Request that your friends bring a few dishes, and you bring a few. Relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery. Introduce a few traditional games to your children and tell them about how you used to play them as a child. Hide and seek, badminton, kick the can and capture the flag are just a few of the popular and easy-to-play traditional games. So, enjoy this blistering summer as well as this summer activity with your family and friends.


Kid-friendly summer activities

When it comes to painting, they can use your old clothes as their canvas. Give them a bowl of vibrant colours, instruct them to use their hands, and give them free rein to express their creativity. Modern art forms like finger painting and blow painting, as well as inventive craft ideas like paper quilling and DIY projects, can also be taught simply with the aid of online classes or by searching YouTube for kid-friendly art and craft videos/ summer activities. Concerning the performance, don’t bother. Aim for enjoyment, always.

Being A Water Baby

Fun summer activities

Water can be a great way to relax while also making your children happy. Are you wondering how? By going to a water park. In this scorching summer, water keeps us cool even when the temperature soars. Look for a nearby water park and take your kids there. Spend the entire day there and try all of the exciting water drives. It will familiarise your children with water and allow them to overcome any water phobias they may have. You can enrol them in swimming lessons in the future to help them stay healthy.

A Little Cooking

Activities to do in summer

Cooking and baking can be enjoyable, especially when done with your children. Cooking can be used as a form of therapy when done in a fun way. Try cooking something of your children’s choice. Allow your children to take the lead in the kitchen by making them the chef of the day. Consider their opinions, and try out some new recipes of their choice. Conventional methods are not always the best methods. A little bit of adventure can enhance the flavour of your food. So, put their recommendation into action. Prepare yourself for a chocolaty evening or a cheesy afternoon. It is not about your recipe but about engaging your children while having fun. Finally, once you’ve prepared the most daring meal of your life, don’t forget to share the recipe with us.                                                                                                                                                       Enjoy your cooking!

We’re Almost There,

Kids are those exceptional beings who are restless, constantly active, and full of life. It is very challenging to keep them occupied when they are at home, let alone get them involved in something. But we’re confident that with these approaches, you’ll be able to keep your kids motivated without too much difficulty, you will be able to keep your children motivated easily. Please share your summer vacation experiences with your children in the comments below.

Nandana is a writer and poet who is frequently lost in her thoughts and books. According to her, a writer's thought process always influences the charm of a story. She considers herself to be an old soul trapped in the twentieth century. When she is not working, she can be found watching historical dramas or reading classics.


  1. Timely write up, beautiful suggestions. though most parents in the third world are fixated about their kids academics that they do not create such avenues for their kids to enjoy summer

    • сергей Reply

      Стараемся делать так, как написано. Регулярно с дочкой выезжаем за город на пикники, делаем шашлыки, плаваем, играем в спортивные игры. Дома с женой дочка печет разные вкусности- с переменным успехом. Но ничего-пускай учится-пригодится в жизни. Дочка несколько раз ходила на обучение живописи- принела несколько своих картин- довольно ничего!

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  2. Asanda kutu Reply

    Kid-friendly activities are great fun activities that kids can do during holidays and summer time.

  3. Kids a the best gifts god almity have given some of us its always a joy to see them excited in Summer, weather its buy the beach, on vacation, or playing with friends.

  4. We’ve always been cooking up storms with the kids during summer breaks but also felt they needed to get activity too. So this summer we plan on incorporating some plants and tree planting to the groove.

    It’s really good to have a place where you can get some new ideas on having fun with the kids.

  5. I love these activities thanks for this. Planting trees are a must!! 😊

  6. Patience Mudita Reply

    Am loving this summer ideas ..towards this summer it’s lovely to do outdoor activities with kids to create a healthy relationship away from media

  7. I would really use some of the ideas, summer is around the corner

  8. I took my 2 year old granddaughter Chloë on an outing to the Lion and RhinoPark which is very near to the Lanseria Airport. Ever since watching The Lion King my Granddaughter loves Lions so I decided it would be great to take her there. She loved this out I g and even got to help feed the Baby Lion Cubs, It was really worth the price and was a fun-filled day she loved every minute of it.

  9. Kathy Harrington Reply

    These are very sweet and clever ways to spend family time together.

  10. kingsley Pearl Reply

    Hi Great article. I would love to go camping with my family

  11. Amaewhule Lilian Reply

    The last summer vacation with my children is an exciting one which was actually in m mother’s home land.

    It was filled with adventures.

  12. Lynda Okafor Reply

    The panel station work is an ideal work from home role which I enjoy doing

  13. Adewole olatunde Reply

    I remember taking my daughter for summer camp in one of the best place in my country Nigeria, she was so happy that she can’t just let go of the place. It was a great experience bringing my family together and having fun with them.

  14. Ademola Francis Reply

    Having kids at home is fun, however as a parent, it could be so tiring and draining.
    I put it so much work together with my lovely wife to give them the best and at the same time having fun time.
    Kudos to all responsible parents all over the world

  15. As a child, during the long vacation, just what we call summer holiday now, our parents would take us all to the village. Throughout our stay in the village, it was all fun. We went to the farm in the morning, and farming was always fun. We helped our grandparents to feed the chickens, helped in walking the goats to where there was greener pastures. We also had time to play with other kids from neighbouring compounds who also came to visit their grandparents. The most fun part of the holiday was our moon dance and storytelling. Every evening when the moon was out, all the children in the community would gather under a tree, where we would sing and dance to different folk songs. And at the end, before we all retired, an adult would sit in the middle of the circle we formed and told us very interesting stories.

    Summer holidays was so much fun during my days and I always looked forward to it.

    • Rahul Bhandari Reply

      Since I am a father and have small kid,I can closely relate the views of the author .Nicely explained the activities which may be be interesting for the children.Very helpful. Thanks once again for increasing my knowledge. Developing these hobbies will definitely make the mind of the child to grow exponentially and help them to attain happiness in life.

  16. افضل استغلال وقت اطفالي في رياضات مفيده واكتساب مهارات في كافه نواحي الحياه

  17. Kids will learn how to take care of a plant, and you can enjoy their happy faces

  18. Nerminermin Reply

    Kids will learn how to take care of a plant, and you can enjoy their happy faces.

  19. Shanu Jamgbadi Reply

    Planting trees and going for a picnic would be amazing. And also cooking

  20. Dafaallah Ahmed Reply

    It’s very nice to hear from you and thank you for your kind words

  21. Yetunde AKINLAJA Reply

    Children are really bursts of energies. Not worry av learnt some things here to engage them with this summer. Thumbs up

  22. Chinwe Igbokwe Reply

    Wow! I really love the approaches on how to keep my kids motivated this long holiday. I’d like to let them plan a picnic and let the plant flowers! Really love this!

  23. Oghenetekevwe Akposibruke Reply

    Lovely….Good way to keep kids during the summer active

  24. Nicely made and captivating article. But i want to know if everyone who views the blog and comments, wins, or is it a lottery system.

  25. Great ideas to engage kids in summer…going to try some of these like planting trees,picnic..enjoyed reading this blog…

    • Rahul Bhandari Reply

      Since I am a father and have small kid,I can closely relate the views of the author .Nicely explained the activities which may be be interesting for the children.Very helpful. Thanks once again for increasing my knowledge. Developing these hobbies will definitely make the mind of the child to grow exponentially and help them to attain happiness in life.

  26. Abigael Nasambu Reply

    I love the entire expression of each activity, so creative and on point 👉

  27. Its agreat initiative for kids mental health. I love the idea and activities

  28. Waktu bersama keluarga adalah yang terpenting terutama waktu bersama anak yang Takan pernah bisa diulang kembali.
    Waktu kita yang semakin menua dan habis dikejar pekerjaan Takan bisa mengganti waktu saat melihat anak anak bermain dan bergembira.jadi sllu sempatkan waktu untuk bersama anak

  29. Hola buenos días, muchísimas gracias por su ideas, son de gran ayuda, ya que tengo una hija pequeña que la verdad es super inquieta y con esto que acabo de leer pero y sea de gran ayuda para ponerlo en práctica y ella se entretenga

  30. Essam Aziz Reply

    من الهام أن يكون الاب على دراية بكيفية توجيه طاقة أطفالهم واوقاتهم خلال العطلة الصيفية

  31. Juliana garcia Reply

    São ótimas ideias para se passar tempo com as crianças mesmo não estando de férias, talvez nos finais de semana também. Temos que dar aos nossos filhos o máximo de atenção e a panel station tá de parabéns pela dica, obrigada.

  32. Chorlince Solimun Reply

    I like this because this such activities can help us or sone family to spent quality time with they family.

  33. Silvana da rosa Macedo Reply

    Meus filhos adoram brincadeiras ao ar livre iso ajuda muito os pequenos no desenvolvimento e no crescimento

  34. Aisha Rameez Reply

    Panel station has taken significant step to provide ideas for kids summer activities. In summers mostly parents need to get ideas to engage their kinds in different activities.

  35. Enita Muagba Reply

    Great ideas i should share with my sister. She will need this alot.

  36. Mathias Edidiong Reply

    I love this concept, it is very important for a healthy family relationship. I am in support of it. I have been doing for a long time with my family.

  37. Muy bueno este centro de entretenimiento tanto para los niños como para nosotros los adultos

  38. Armando Austria Reply

    I really like this activity.. hoping to win! God bless you all guys and keep safe always!

  39. Sheryl E. Baccol Reply

    I Love to see the picture off Kids summer fun activities they enjoy summer outside. I like to see the kids happy to play, because after 2 years of stay in the house now there free to go outside but to make it sure to sanitize all the playground.

  40. Wasif Ghani Reply

    Wonderful ideas to have quality family time away from gadgets.

  41. Osama Ahmed ibrahim el desouky Reply

    They are really great ideas and I will implement them with my children

  42. Bem interessante a abordagem do assunto, visto q saímos de uma pandemia,e agora poder ter ideias pra desfrutar as férias e o dia a dia, é bem maravilhoso

  43. Luiz Henrique de Melo dos Santos Reply

    My son prefer go to the beach. I get he choice the activity and he begin plays football and now. We go to the beach to play football.

  44. Arum Henry Reply

    @Panel station is doing some great job providing these summer tips. Thanks. Will share with my sister to help her with her kids.

  45. المعتصم Reply

    شكرا لك على هذه الأفكار الجميلة.

  46. Tiong yee ping Reply

    This article is very useful to take out our kids to do some activities outdoor or indoor. To let them feel the fun and enjoyment and also love from parent. And they will learn more from the outdoor actiivity. To give them an experience and knowledge too. Due on this new modern days, many kids will not like to attend outdoor ativity but only stay witht he mobile to play games. Let them had exercise on outdoor activity to stay more healthy.

  47. Would surely try this out this summer ..Great ideas..kudos..😊

  48. Tôi nghĩ bọn trẻ sẽ có những ngày hè thật thú vị

  49. Great ideas for the kids. Nice way to make some good memories and keep the kids positive

  50. Reading this article made me wish I had kids of my own, the summer activities sound so interesting, God willing I will some day try them out 🙏

  51. All activities are excellent.
    I will try them with my children.

  52. The benefits of family bonding are deeply related to a family’s ability to better adapt to the changes that come with life. The strengthening of family bonds is one of the important benefits of family time. Strong family bonds are one of the best ways to make us more resilient to the changes and challenges of life.

  53. Maria Eliandra Alcântara Nogueira Reply

    Amei ler . A amizade é um presente que se conquista e preserva pois é pra vida inteira

    • Arifa Afrin Reply

      I am doing with my kids. This article gave me more ideas. Thanks.

  54. jinistephen Reply

    I love these ideas as kids are sitting at home and boring and screen time is increasing as we didn’t go out on holiday. I am sure these I ideas can keep them engaged

  55. Lovely piece now i know how to involve my kids for this holidays thanks.

  56. Mostafa Mahmoud Reply

    Wow nice ideas , i already make many of them , but the camp is a very good idea

  57. This was an amazing blog. It had good presentations and most of all great ideas to spend this summer wit the kids while having fun. I look forward to your next blogs!

    • Ekaete Amos Reply

      We in Winter here (Nigeria) I will agree cooking and grafting will be a good idea this holiday.

  58. Alba Aurora Argente Heredia Reply

    es muy bueno, son muy buenas formas de distraerse con los niños

  59. Joy akinseinde Reply

    I love the listed ideas. I am definitely going to try some of them when my kids starts schooling.

  60. Christine Beboso Reply

    Playing with kids while they are still kids are priceless moments we have to save & treasure, its good to have suggestions like this…

  61. I would probably want to have summer activity with my family… Thank you for the information

  62. I’m considering doing a bit of carpentry with my child for this summer vacation

  63. Shanu Jamgbadi Reply

    Cooking and camping will be amazing for the kids and stir up their survival instincts.

  64. Musaad Aklabi Reply

    This is great actually I do involve my kids in many activities.

  65. عبدالرؤوف عبدالله محمد صالح Reply

    سعيد جدا لقراءة مثل هذه

  66. They are really great ideas and I will implement them with my children

  67. Lissette padilla Reply

    Como familia , si no se puede salir a vacacionar vacacionales en donde estamos harto bloqueador y salimos a recorrer Santiago , sus cerros , iglesias por su infraestructura y diseños , los museos gratuitos y los cementerios para mantener el misterio de los fantasmas cosa entretenida para los adolescentes que tenemos en casa pero por la historia de la gente que está enterrada ahy como presidentes de nuestro país , grandes escritores y así mantenemos la historia . Y ellos se entretienen , corren por los parques y hacemos picnic . Y lo mejor que ellos son felices .

  68. The period of school holidays almost always happens in the summer, here we are living it now and in fact we always need to reinvent ourselves to be able to provide our children with good days, I don’t think it’s healthy to let them stay only on electronic devices, there are good activities like mentioned here in the post outdoors, it is possible to turn our backyard into a mini amusement park, I play with my children, we create good spaces together and explore, in the kitchen we also prepare many snacks, it is healthy

  69. Cooking and crafting get’s done on the regular as do picnics during the summer and movie nights once a week or so.

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