The year 2023 is quickly approaching, and now is the time to make some significant yet uncomplicated adjustments to our lives to increase levels of contentment with some New Year Resolutions. But making New Year resolutions and following them isn’t always easy. To begin, they are typically very challenging and are intended to be followed over the entire year. But how often do we successfully accomplish our resolution goals?

Attending regular yoga classes, going to the gym, eating healthy, travelling, etc., are some of the common New Year resolutions we have seen and heard over the years. And we all know that they don’t last longer than a week.

There are a lot of crazy people who come up with strange solutions to try to fix the problems in their lives. Some unusual New Year resolutions include giving up social media entirely, making at least one new friend per week, publishing a book, and going for a walk in the forest, amongst many others. Pheww! We are tired of listening to them. And so, we have devised a list of unconventional New Year resolutions that you can adhere to throughout the year. Not only will they be enjoyable to follow, but they will also assist you in improving your way of life.

Resolution 1: To Stay Away from Social Media

New Year Resolutions Social media

Because social media has taken over our lives, we spend a lot of time scrolling through the photographs of our friends or stalking someone we have grown to dislike. Earlier people used to wake up to the sounds of birds, but today, the obnoxious alarm clock constantly tells us that we are already running late. Because of our growing addiction to social media, we frequently fail to make productive use of time. Not only does this reduce the amount of work we get done, but it also makes it harder for us to focus. Our restlessness, impatience, and intolerance have increased as a result. So, spending lesser time on social media and more on productive activities is one of the best New Year resolutions, to begin with.

Resolution 2: To Walk More and Drive Less

New Year Resolutions Walk more

Now, this is not just for environment-conscious people but everyone who believes in sustainable environmental growth. The growing number of vehicles does add a lot of pollution to the environment, but one doesn’t need to be an environmentalist and go protesting against it. A small step by every individual can make a lot of difference. So, if you want to bring a change, be the change. If you are going to go to the next store for your daily needs, try walking instead of taking out your vehicle. Look for carpool options while going to the office. Or if you own a car, you can give others a ride. This step of yours will help you reduce your carbon footprint…one small step at a time.

Resolution 3: To Read One Book A Month

New Year Resolutions read books

Let’s admit. From the moment any one of us opens our eyes in the morning till the moment we close our eyes at night, we are glued to digital screens. This prevents us from being productive and has adverse effects on our health. On the other hand, reading a book is like an exercise for the brain. It not only reduces stress but also improves concentration and the ability to focus. Therefore, as a part of your New Year resolutions, make it a goal to spend less time in front of a digital screen and more time engaged in an activity that is useful and will strengthen the brain cells, such as reading a book.

Resolution 4: To Stop Using Credit Cards

New Year Resolutions No credit card

With the advancement of e-commerce, shopping has become a daily routine. Be it garments, jewellery or groceries, we tend to order everything online. And with many financial institutions floating many offers, a credit card is our preferred transaction choice. However, we only become aware of the magnitude of our spending once the monthly statement on our credit card arrives. Did you know that the total value of the global market for payments made using credit cards reached $ 477.63 billion in the year 2021? It is important to keep spending under control to keep a check and balance of the finance. And the first step towards this is to limit the use of credit cards.

If you want to make extra money right from the comfort of your home, then we have an amazing plan for you. Did you know you can share your opinion and help brands make better products? Try here. This can be a fun New Year resolution to follow.

Resolution 5: To Spend Less on Shopping

New Year Resolution spend less on shopping

Shopping can be a therapy for many. It gives instant pleasure and satisfaction. We often tend to shop for things we might not need, later regretting it. Budget shopping or spending less amount on essential items can be a worthwhile New Year resolutions. If you are already thinking about how to minimise your budget, then here is a useful tip from us. Register with the Panel Station for free and answers surveys to share your valuable opinion. Upon completing each survey, you will thus earn points. Now is the fun part. The points you earn for sharing opinion, can be redeemed as shopping vouchers from your favourite brands. Or even better – redeem your points as cash. Now, you can use vouchers or cash to purchase your essentials or complete your wishlist.

Resolution 6: To Be in And Out of The Bath in 10 Minutes

New year resolution Quick bath

Although it might appear strange at first, many people believe that the bathroom is the safest place in the entire home. As a result, you tend to spend additional time in the toilet, frequently practising your singing abilities or catching up with old friends on the phone because this is where no one can infringe on your privacy. But you have to kick this habit out if you ever want to be successful in life. It is not nearly as challenging as one might think and is certainly not impossible. Installing a simple wall clock in the restroom is all that is required to ensure that you are never late for anything again. Less time in the bathroom leaves you more time for other work.

Resolution 7: To Not Watch a Web Series in One Go

New Year resolution webseries

As we said, today’s world is completely dependent on digital screens, and with the proliferation of OTT platforms, there is no longer any reason to leave the house to watch a movie or a play. We spend countless hours scanning the newest movies and shows on web platforms. We keep saying to ourselves, “just one more episode and this will be the last,” before we realise that we have been viewing the web series well past midnight and our eyes have turned red. Here’s a possible answer to this problem. Make a plan for the day and set aside a specific amount of time for fun and entertainment. The best would be to spend some quality time with your family, and you don’t need a New Year resolution for it. There are many other amazing things to do that are more entertaining than sitting down to watch an entire web series in one go.

So, To Sum It Up

Finding the inner strength to do great things and fulfil one’s aspirations and wishes is the primary focus of New Year resolutions. It demands determination and passion. We all know that the journey of thousand miles begins with one step. Setting goals for the New Year and working diligently to achieve them can help bring about significant improvements. Now that we have given you the list of weird but doable New Year resolutions, we hope you kick start the coming New Year with great energy and determination.

With the grace of a trained dancer, she twirls through life, her passion for music and culture illuminating her every step. A bookworm extraordinaire, she dives into captivating tales of mythology and fiction, effortlessly expressing her thoughts and leaving her mark on every page. Her green heart beats strong, as she believes in the moral responsibility of caring for nature. A superhero for animals in need, she rushes to their aid, cape billowing in the wind.


  1. Barry Obineche Reply

    7 new year resolution ideas. This is quite interesting and will bring about significant improvement. They say, anything you do in excess is harmful, but with proper planning, discipline and determination one can definitely achieve his or her set goals for the new year.

    • Fazer mais exercícios físicos!
      Ler mais!
      Comer saudável!
      São muitas resoluções.

      • Theresa Vika Reply

        I love this list of resolutions as they are very practical and easy to implement.
        I have already started on some. Thank you very much.
        Less social media and more reading of books

      • Interesting and quality resolutions to follow. Keep away from unwanted gossips and live our own lives. Keep away from negativity and focus on self love.

        • … siempre pensando en positivo y mantener limpio con consciencia amar ala familia 😊😊😊 y siempre tendrás exitos está años 2023 mente positivo vamos

    • Massimo Gulifa Reply

      Beh, il leggere direi che fa per me. Non avendo un lavoro fisso, altri suggerimenti già lì attuo in quanto non ho soldi….

    • Faith Mukui Reply

      have already started some of the resolutions like staying fit by eating healthy and meditating. with the coming year am aspiring to continue with these resolutions

    • сергей Reply

      Эти 7 идей довольно интересны. Но,как говорится, все должно быть в меру.

      • сергей Reply

        Эти 7 идей довольно интересны. Но, как говорится, все должно быть в меру. Для меня актуально хождение пешком, занятия спортом. Что касается соц.сетей и кредитных карт: кредитные карты все таки это благо, если конечно есть самодисциплина и самоконтроль. Да еще это и выгодно-начисляются бонусы за покупки.Соц сети-конечно лучше живое общение, но можно и там немного посидеть. Чтение- это то, без чего невозможно развитие личности. Но чтение книг должно быть выборочное-не засорять свою голову ширпотребом.

    • Menurutku setiap hari dalam kehidupan hsr ada resolusi,walaupun tak terlihat signifikan namun kita hrs terus mencoba resolusi di setiap kehidupan kita,teruslah berusaha agar hari ini lebih baik dari hari kemarin,dan hari esok berjuanglah agr lebih baik dr hari ini,semga di tahun depan semua harapan kita dapat terwujud

      • Saila Habib Reply

        New year resolutions are easy to make. The challenge is having the discipline to see it through.
        Working diligently to achieve your resolutions will lead to the expected results.

    • JINCY JOSEPH Reply


    • Eko Ruswandi Reply

      daya ingin mencoba ingin mencoba meningkatkan resolusi di Panel Stasion untuk meningkatkan penghasilan zemoga beruntung

  2. This actually sets what’s of personal importance in perspective.

  3. fulfilling new years resolution requires a lot of effort and dtermination.

    • Siyabonga Siya Reply

      The only thing I want is free talking to native speaker.
      For 1 year , I stuty hardly.
      I wanna try , but my english level is getting down!
      Why ?
      In 2023 , I will plan to contact foreigner.
      I think that my level must not be getting up even if
      I am in book hardly.

    • Lissette padilla Reply

      Mi resolución de año nuevo es tener más tranquilidad y salud 😊

  4. I already started with some of resolutions like eating healthy and going to the gym, and I hope to continue working on the rest resolutions.

    • kwangchun back Reply

      The only thing I want is free talking to native speaker.
      For 1 year , I stuty hardly.
      I wanna try , but my english level is getting down!
      Why ?
      In 2023 , I will plan to contact foreigner.
      I think that my level must not be getting up even if
      I am in book hardly.

      • Monur Obid Reply

        It’s good to know all of those things mentioned and I want to work against it in terms of reducing them all what I want to say is that things can’t be changed back to how they were a few years ago but we can reduce it and use something to stay healthy.

  5. fulfilling new years resolution requires a lot of effort and determination.

    • Bikram Singh Reply

      7 New Year’s Resolution Ideas. It is quite interesting and will bring significant improvement. But for me, my resolution is to find a good job, a good life partner and spend time with my family and friends.

  6. The main focus of new year resolution is to have the aspirations to be positive, active the entire year

    • Rodrigo Lopez Reply

      The part of spending less and keep away from social media I’ve already started, but the part of the series I just cannot promise lol

  7. Thanks so much for the great resolution
    I find it so helpful

  8. Rebecca Mariam Audu Reply

    Also to not eat junks is another resolution for me.

  9. Shampaguita Nieva Reply

    Happy holidays!
    I love this blog. This is eye opener and this makes me realize what i should do to be better in 2023.
    I know this will be very big help to those people who dont know where to start.

    • Sarchen Fatima Reply

      I loved the suggested resolutions…there will be no doubt in my mind to start a new year with a new things and new hobbies….to read books and no more scrolling on social media…

  10. Martin Owusu Bempa Reply

    it is good to know all these things listed about and want to work against it in terms of reduction of all of them, so which the writer suggested it to be stopped will not help but I will rather suggest it to be reduce for gone are the days traveling was not easy but now you can even stop traveling to visit someone and rather place a call to see how they are doing at their end, what I want to say is things can not be changed back to some years ago but we can reduce the usage of something to stay healthy.

  11. Reading books is entertaining. It’s a wealth of knowledge and wisdom too.

    • Dafer Mohammed Reply

      Amazing and perfect idea for this New year and wish to all happiness.

  12. Ekhorutomwen Raymond Reply

    The new year resolution above are fascinating, for me my new year resolution is to be more of my self and not be influenced by people opinion and try as more as possible to be closer to God,and may the Lord help us in Jesus name.

  13. Nkosinathi Reply

    My new year resolutions are for me is to buy a house and a new car

  14. Number 2 for sure, I need to set a good example for my 10 month old, as she already copies everything I do!
    The reduction in screen time as well-I do not want my child dependent on one for entertainment, I’d rather she enjoy toys, books and the outdoors.

  15. This pretty much sums up what my new years resolution this new year and every passed year.

    Totally doable but lacking motivation.

    Thanks panel station for the encouragement.

    • Prisca Muendo Reply

      One needs to have determination and courage to accomplish the resolutions

  16. its a very thoughtfull blog, thank you so much for the options you gave.

  17. Adewole olatunde Reply

    Am really going to work on my spending on things and also trying to read a book atleast a week.

  18. محمد جمعة Reply

    كثيرا من الجهد للعام القادم

  19. Mohammed Mohsen Reply

    My new year resolutions are for me is to buy a house and a new car and to go back to my country

  20. مدونه جميلة تجعلني ادرك ما يجب فعلة في العام الجديد

  21. Mthobeli Makaluza Reply

    My new year’s resolution is to read a book every month.

  22. محمد الناشري Reply

    السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته
    إذا تحقق السلام الداخلي للإنسان نعم بكل شيء لا تجعل للحقد أو الحسد أو البغضاء مكاناً في قلبك تعش بسلام وان التأمل لهي عبادة في ذاتها أن يخلو الواحد منا بربه ويبث إليه شكواه وهمومه لها راحة عظيمة
    عش بسلام مع نفسك تنعم وتسعد

  23. Saira Jabbar Reply

    Really easy! I will surely keep these resolutions this New Year. It’s an amazing way to start off a new year!!!

  24. عبدالرحمن محمد Reply

    Great ideas you are on the right track

    • Daniel Pretorius Reply

      I think it’s an honest evaluation and great ideas if you follow it

    • I enjoy very much of the leisure walking, To take a rest of the restless life. The essay is inspiring, thanks for sharing.

    • Ellen Conceição Reply

      Minha maior resolução de ano novo é me profissionalizar cada vez mais

  25. Intinya setiap resolusi harus memiliki niat dan konsistensi yang tinggi untuk memulai sesuatu yang merubah diri agar menjadi lebih baik

  26. Munshi Rasheduzzaman Reply

    It’s really amazing to know most of the points on New Year Resolutions are matching with my daily life. I Hope me and #thepanelstation will be friends forever.
    Thabks to #panelstation for be with me.

  27. Ayo Fajuyitan Reply

    This is a very honest evaluation of one’s life and all the advices will yield very useful results in our lives if we can follow them little by little. Thanks

    • Nour Alnabulsi Reply

      I loved it
      In fact I liked walking more and dispensing with social media sites.
      Thanks for the ideas.

  28. Amal Hemed Reply

    لقد قمت بالفعل بالغاء كرت المشتريات واشتركت بفصل لليوجا ومنذ اكثر من شهر وانا قد امتنعت عن تناول السكر

    • Hudson Cruz Reply

      Melhorar como pessoa e ser proativo é o que quero que nortei o próximo ano. Espero que não seja apenas uma promessa.

  29. Ini adalah topik ajakan yang bagus , mulailah dari sekarang ,berubahlah…dari sekarang..

  30. Shakeelakbar Reply

    Very nice 7 steps of revaluation of New years I like it

  31. Asmahan almslmani Reply

    ان اكتب قرارات للسنة الجديدة يعيد فيني الحماس ويشجعني على متابعتها كل فترة ورؤية ماحققت صحيح افتر في وقت ولكن مشاهدة تعيد فيني الحماس وخصوصا لو تم تحقيق واحد منها

  32. Daniela De Pas Reply

    This was a very interesting article. I found that every idea of the article is already something that I’m trying to do to live a better life. Thanks for confirming my ideas on those points.

  33. عبدالرحمن الهلالي Reply

    نعم أهم شئ في الحياة هو إدارة الوقت والحد من تصفح الإنترنت بالفعل يوفر للإنسان المزيد من الصحة والمال والوقت والوقت هو أهم شئ في الحياة ويجب المحافظة عليه

  34. Topik yang bagus. Ayo mulai sekarang lebih memperbaiki apa yang masih kurang ditahun sebelumnya. Tetap semangat dan jaga kesehatan.🙂

  35. Ano novo é sempre tempo de recomeçar buscando melhorias em todos os aspectos. Espero que as pessoas busquem ser melhores uns com os outros, pois estamos vivendo tempos cada vez mais difíceis.
    Que em 2023 venham muitas pesquisas para participar e um feliz ano novo a todos!

  36. The new year resolutions are quite different and amazing than the other common ones, the point mentioned directly points the major issues of nowadays. Thanks for making us understand that family and personal discipline should be the foremost resolutions in the upcoming new year so that we have more memorable time with our family and loved ones including your own self

  37. Mohamed bakr Reply

    تحديد الاهداف والخطط للسنة الجديدة ومحاولة تحقيقها على ارض الواقع وليس العالم الافتراضي شيء مهم جدا للانسان

  38. Mohamed bakr Reply

    عام جديد يعني بداية جديدة في كل شيء. محاولة استعادة النشاط والحيوية للانطلاق في سباق الحياة من جديد وخوض مغامرات وتحديات جديدة

  39. Nice new year resolutions, but to be honest reading one book a month is gonna be hard for me 😅.
    I only have time to go out and make some money which is never enough to keep physical and mental health balanced. maybe if I had a comfortable sum in my bank account I could read a book or two 😂

  40. Kavita Pabla Reply

    It’s very interesting. I have enjoyed to read this article. And I m also thinking about to follow this resolution idea.

  41. Rocío Ramírez Reply

    Pues si es bueno que hagamos estos pasitos aunque cuando tienes en casa 2 niños y en construcción tu casa es dificil

  42. محمد صلاح حسين محمد Reply

    ادارة الوقت هي الحياة

  43. jose alfredo narvaez Reply

    me encanta este tipo de concursos pues pone un poco de orden a nuestras vidas. en estas 7 resoluciones creo que me falto leer mas porque solo leo cuando tengo mas tiempo fuera del trabajo. suelo caminar todos los días y para hacer compras voy a pie a la tienda mas cercana , utilizo el carro cuando me es muy necesario, no tengo tarjetas de crédito y soy poco convulsivo en las compras; es mas este año reciclé todos los adornos navideños, solo compré papel encerado para el pesebre, no he bebido aun y no pienso hacerlo, como muy sano escogiendo las frutas y verduras de temporada. para todos los panelistas y al grupo de panel station les deseo prosperidad en este año nuevo

  44. It’s true, creating goals and planning changes for the new year is easy, it’s really hard to achieve; I believe that the good start is always to take care of your mind and body, detach yourself from small things and what sucks our energy, it’s good to put social networks aside a little, try to buy less, eat more, be sustainable in terms of the use of resources from the environment in which we live, etc. are changes that together add up and open the way for a healthier new year and with great chances of prosperity in everything.

  45. عبد الحليم Reply

    وسائل التواصل الاجتماعي قد استحوذت على حياتنا

  46. I enjoy very much of the leisure walking, To take a rest of the restless life. The essay is inspiring, thanks for sharing.

  47. مدونة جميلة تجعلني أدير وقتي بشكل جيد دون إضاعته الوقت

  48. Some are achievable, but it’s very hard to stay away from digital world nor walk frequently or not to use a car, we for sure should look after our own health, save resources and take good advantage of the digital world.

  49. Alexandre Marcello de Figueiredo Reply

    Parar de usar cartão de crédito? Impossível!

  50. Rose Nutsugah-Ameyaw Reply

    This is very Good I really love the point one, thus stay off social media! As a matter of fact if you are able to avoid social media you can achieve the remaining ones. And also make efforts to start you day with a prayer.

  51. Las resoluciones que aparecen me gustan mucho, yo le agregaría otra más. Hacer actividad física, no importa que actividad lo importante es sudar y no necesitas gimnasio o gastar dinero hay miles de video que te ayudan. Y una personal que tratare de hacer más orar y dar gracias cada día por cada cosa.

  52. Mi recomendación seria dejar el pasado atrás quedarme con los buenos momentos y dar gracias a Dios por tener a mis seres queridos conmigo.

  53. I will definitely be trying some of those New Year resolutions and can or will hopefully be successful in all or some of them that I choose to go with

  54. Work out a better new year resolution, hope to double wealth and learning new sets of skill.

  55. My new year resolution….Healthier lifestyle
    This is always top on the list while making resolutions. Such resolutions include losing weight, gaining weight, starting to exercise, walking a particular distance every day, going on diet etc. It is always encouraging to make such targets, but make sure such goals are achievable. And the trick is to start slow so that you don’t lose steam midway.

  56. Glandy Quintanilla Guerrero Reply

    Es cierto, la tecnología también ha perjudicado grandemente haciendo que muchas personas la usen todo el tiempo y ya no salgan ni siquiera a hacer ejercicio o caminar además de convivir. Es triste cómo el estilo de vida se opta por lo rápido y fácil como la comida rápida. Se dejan de fomentar la lectura y deberían implementarse metas más alcanzables

  57. احلام Reply

    عام جديد وسنه سعيده يااااااااااااارب🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍

  58. Shannon Leigh McCarthy Reply

    I do not make resolutions anymore. Instead I get myself a To Do List and put on all the things i want to get done and tick it off as I go. And then on the 31st Dec I just tell myself that for the next 365 days I am going to live my best life. And choose happiness and to stay as positive as possible.

  59. 1 – I’ll try my best to be happy the whole year.
    2 – No matter what , but I’ll smile and will make environment comfortable .
    3 – I’ll help everyone and will never hate anyone for any particular reason.
    4 – I’ll try my best to make this year bestest and enjoying.
    5 – This year I’ll do those things which I failed to do last year.
    6 – I’ll remove every negetive influencers from my life .

    If actions contradict my resolutions; resolutions become meaningless and depressing.
    So, Focus on Action.

    Happy new year.
    Be happy and smile .

  60. andres aguilera Reply

    mas ejercicio, menos tecnologia, mejor calidad de vida

  61. Наталья Reply

    Всё это я давно стараюсь практиковать. Но не всё удаётся. На художественную литературу времени пости нет, так как читаю научную.

  62. Наталья Reply

    Всё это так. Хожу, читаю, стараюсь правильно питаться, соцсети всё меньше использую, стало не интересно. Но много учусь онлайн разные курсы покупаю.

  63. عبدالرؤوف Reply

    1 – سأبذل قصارى جهدي لأكون سعيدًا طوال العام.
    2 – مهما كان الأمر ، لكني سأبتسم وأجعل البيئة مريحة.
    3 – سأساعد الجميع ولن أكره أحداً لأي سبب معين.
    4 – سأبذل قصارى جهدي لجعل هذا العام الأفضل والاستمتاع.
    5 – سأفعل هذا العام تلك الأشياء التي فشلت في القيام بها العام الماضي.
    6 – سأزيل كل المؤثرات السلبية من حياتي.

    إذا كانت الإجراءات تتعارض مع قراراتي ؛ تصبح القرارات بلا معنى ومحبطة.
    لذلك ساكون سعيدا جدا باتخاذ قرراتي لوحدي

  64. My dream is to be able to keep myself more distant from social networks this year, every year I try and rarely succeed.

  65. Carrosel do Saber Reply

    Mais exercícios físicos, comer mais saudável, compartilhar

  66. When implementing New Year’s resolutions, the most important thing is an appropriate, methodical approach, i.e. at the beginning, some basic questions must be answered: – whether the goal I am pursuing is my own or whether I want to meet someone else’s expectations; – what I will really gain by achieving a particular resolution; – what personal resources (possibilities) and limitations (deficits) I have to achieve the goal; – a concrete plan aimed at achieving a positive result (for example, if I set the goal of reducing my own weight, I should not stop at such a general resolution, but make it concrete, for example, by not eating sweets on certain days).

  67. Very informative for New Year….we often need reminding of these simple and yet doable resolutions !!! Thank you panelstation

  68. Sarchen Fatima Reply

    I loved the suggested resolutions…there will be no doubt in my mind to start a new year with a new things and new hobbies….to read books and no more scrolling on social media…

  69. رحمه محمد Reply

    قرارات جديده وجميله جدا
    قد بدات بالفعل بالعمل عليها


    I love this list of resolutions as they are very practical and easy to access.
    Thank you very much.

  71. I think these are so much helpfully resolutions which actually helps one cope with life and also view life and environment

  72. These are so much helpfully resolutions that actually helps one cope with life and also view life and environment positively

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